Sections on Porting, SQL, and Features describe many of the benefits of OnCmd, inspiring ideas about future applications possible with the software.  The following lists descriptions of OnCmd currently in use.


SBT Accounting: A port of SBT Series 7 modules to OnCmd. One of the major suppliers of xBase accountinjg technology.


Audience Reaction Monitoring: application to monitor real time status of audience response to seminar speaker. (Audience members each have a box with a slide control connected to an AD board with a serial interface) OnCmd is polling the serial port of the AD port to query the status of each “channel”. A graph of responses can be played in real-time synchronized to a tape playback, or to a digitally captured (by OnCmd) recording. Not your typical database application!


Contact Manager: Integrated application to manage contact names & addresses, todo’s, and appointments. All transactions are linked to master contact name record. Uses full GUI and toolbar support, extensive use of built-in browse function, and variable button drawing for month-at-a-glance appointment view.


OnSaleDomino’s Store Managment: OnSale is a complete store management system including order entry, dispatch, accounting, and marketing functions. Utilizes full GUI interface, message passing and external events to synchronize order status screens, prints and reads bar code labels for pizza production and driver dispatch.


X10 Home Control: Demonstrates effective use of DLL technology by both monitoring and controlling all devices in an X10 network using the X10 TW523 serial interface technology. External events received as messages from the DLL allow the easy customization of X10 operator controls. Write the script for your home control using OnCmd, or use OnCmd graphic primitives to draw your home with live device status.


Internet Applications: A client application to retrieve selected stock values from a standard stock web page and create a database to spot trends. Easily program OnCmd to look for trends or exceptions on individual stocks. We also have done a simple Internet application to retrive weather information for the local area and display changes as they occur.


Hotel Reservation: Uses OnCmd to build a database of reservations, and with integrated fax support automatically generate fax confirmations from the database. This is enabled by OnCmd’s abilty to integrate graphic and font filled reports to the spooler with raw commands for the fax engine. Specifically only tested with FaxWorks, but would probably work with other fax engine with similar capability.


Spool Redirection: Used in a PC environment receiving output from an application that does not know about multiple LAN printers. (in this case, mainframe Adabas/Natural applications ported to PC). Mainframe applications now embed a special control line in the report output. OnCmd’s spool access calls are used to monitor the spooler, detect new reports, and read the spool file for the control line containing printer instructions. OnCmd can then route the temporary file to the correct spooler in the network.


Modem Scripting: With a built-in api for serial ports, OnCmd can be used as the ultimate modem scripting language. In addition to the normal facilities for reading and writing to serial ports with timeouts, you have a complete language with structured logic, string manipulation, and database facilities.


NetObjects Fusion File Names: OnCmd was used to recursively scan a web site directory to map long file names onto the “8.3” format and scan/substitute the new names in all the html files. This was accomplished in OnCmd in less than an hour!


Icon Application:

Icon Application
Easy Toolbar Support
Frame Menus
Bitmaps on buttons and toolbar
Multi-Line Entry Fields
Only 295 Lines of OnCmd code for this application
This program will run using an SQL engine
(instead of a .DBF file) WITHOUT code changes after the table open
Support for most GUI controls (Radio buttons, Check Boxes, Sliders, Spinners)
Stand-alone .EXE created with OnCmd Linker (including bitmaps and text resources bound into the .EXE)