About Us

On-Line Data Offices, Hill St. Kitchener     On-Line Data has been developing quality software since 1981, and PC database software since 1984. As a division of a large 75 year old diversified parent company, we have been able to draw upon extensive financial and business resources giving us a high level of stability and depth.

     Much of our perspective on professional database development and management is from our years of delivering service bureau based database services using Software AG's ADABAS and Natural products from our own IBM mainframe. Our professionals have created sophisticated software utilizing IBM/VS1, QNX, Windows, and the OS/2 network platforms. The design expertise gained in the large multiprocessing mainframe environment has been applied to multi-tasking, multi-user, networked computers.

     Our products are distributed internationally, and are in use at thousands of computer installations in 14 countries. On-Line Data is a world leader in the use and support of QNX networks, and is now applying that expertise to the NT and OS/2 environment.

     OnCmd, an xBase compatible database management system is the result of On-Line's expansion into developing system software. This product allows users to benefit from the multi-user capabilities of NT, OS/2, and QNX while still preserving existing software investments in xBase applications.